Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How does copyright laws affect me as a graphic designer?

Copyright is an automatic right and arises whenever an individual or company creates a work. To qualify, a work should be regarded as original, and exhibit a degree of labour, skill or judgement.

These laws affect the works of a graphic designer because it limits their ideas of expression. Their work might represent a work of someone else so in order for a graphic designer to be successful, their work not only has to be unique but different in a good way. 

 A logo is a good example of a copyright. A logo has to be original and in any case that logos do look alike, people would not be able to identify one from another. It would cause a big problem for the person who designed the logo itself and confusion for the people sees it.

In all,there are seven types of copyrights:

  1. Literary  
    song lyrics, manuscripts, manuals, computer programs, commercial documents, leaflets, newsletters & articles etc.
  2. Dramatic  
    plays, dance, etc.
  3. Musical  
    recordings and score.
  4. Artistic  
    photography, painting, sculptures, architecture, technical drawings/diagrams, maps, logos.
  5. Typographical arrangement of published editions
    magazines, periodicals, etc.
  6. Sound recording
    may be recordings of other copyright works, e.g. musical and literary.
  7. Film  
    video footage, films, broadcasts and cable programmes.

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  1. It good that you show some examples of categories that should include copyrights. "In all,there are seven types of copyrights.." But, I think you should at least include a picture just to customize it (optional). Overall, really nice job!